KROTON GASTRO Gastroscopy Trainer (END002)

KROTON GASTRO, a training phantom device for gastroscopy, has been produced to offer value added training for both young doctors and experienced medical practitioners. It gives you an opportunity to safely practice manual skills, and offers other advantages. We have accurately reproduced the shape of the upper section of the digestive tract. Innovative device structure with 16 ports allows for the development of interesting training scenarios and performing specific medical procedures. With an option to attach the small bowel, you can additionally practice enteroscopy procedure. Materials used to produce the trainer were selected to precisely mirror human anatomy. They were manufactured using carefully selected silicon materials to make training experiences as realistic as actual procedures. Colours of the components ensure realistic colour reproduction during training.

The simulator allows for practice both on a healthy stomach, and on a stomach with lesions. Models of pathological lesions supplied with the trainer cover a wide selection of most common medical problems. With the set of lesion models for the trainer, you will practice the most popular procedures.  Practising with KROTON GASTRO, improves your skills, which directly translates into less pain and trauma for patients. If a doctor practices procedures on our simulator before the actual surgery, this equips him/her with confidence and skills necessary to act in real-life conditions — faster and more efficiently. Looking at people who practice on our trainers, can help us safely evaluate the level of their skills.

Components of the trainer:

  •         Stomach — has the shape and size of a human stomach after gastric insufflation. We imitated the gastric mucosa folds with the highest possible accuracy. The interior includes the following parts:  lesser curvature, greater curvature, incisura angularis, fundus, body of the stomach, pylorus section, pylorus, cardia, incissura cardiaca.
  •         Head — model imitating a part of a human head was made of specially selected silicone materials that mirror natural colours and sizes. This part of the trainer has sinuses, upper and lower jaw, tongue, uvula, epiglottis.
  •         Oesophagus — We have modelled two oesophagi: the first one simulates correct anatomy, the second has two ports allowing for attaching inserts. They enable users to introduce pathological lesions inside.
  •         Duodenum — has accurately rendered sections, such as: superior part, descending part, horizontal part (inferior), ascending part. The model shows, among others, duodenal bulb, and major duodenal papilla (Vater).
  •         Small intestine — 60 cm long section. The module facilitates enteroscopy training — a double-balloon or single-balloon examination. When you do not want to use the small intestine, just place the plug at the and of the duodenum.
  •         Body — is used to attach all trainer components in a desired position. It imitates the patient positioning on the left side;
  •         Cover — the cover's main purpose is to prevent users from looking directly inside the phantom, so that the user could not know the actual position of the endoscope tip.
  •       Components inserted into the trainer — the trainer set includes a large number of elements inserted into the organs. Their role is to provide significant portion of educational value. They allow for creating many training scenarios. Component types are described below:

                   - Plugs — used when we want to simulate the correct anatomy.

                   - Digits — the set includes 14 inserts numbered from 1 to 14, and our task is to find consecutive numbers.

                   - Oesophageal lesions imitating oesophageal ulcer, oesophageal tumours, oesophageal leiomyoma, adenoma, oesophageal cancer, oesophageal varix allowing for varicel ligation, a component allowing for injection.

                   - Oesophageal ulcers.

                   - Clips attached to bleeding spots on the stomach.

                   - Stomach ulcer.

                   - Polyps.

                   - Gastric cancer at different stages.

                   - Foreign bodies such as coins, batteries, clips.

  •         Lubricant.
  •         Organizer for items inserted into the trainer.<
  •         Clip to tighten the small intestine.
  •         Plug to block the duodenum.
  •         Pins holding the elements inserted into the stomach.
  •         Manual.

Additional accessories:

  •         Transportation case.
  •         Additional set of usable elements.

The trainer does not include a video system, gastroscope, display, or accessories necessary for practised procedures. The device is intended for use with instructional endoscopes.

85 x 40 x 30 cm without the transportation case.
Delivery time
Delivery within 4 weeks
Warranty conditions
24 months