Over the 30-years of our business, we have designed and manufactured many electronic devices combining our programming and electronic expertize. Our medical devices are used in dozens hospitals across Poland.


  • HD Video Streaming and DICOM Device (STR001)

    Intended for medical courses and online consultation, the device offers the wide array of interactive tools and facilitates two-way communication and feedback between operators, moderators and watchers.

  • Laparoscopic training camera (CAM001)

    Kroton laparoscopic instructional camera has been developed for the professional practice of laparoscopic skills. Using Kroton camera at the very stage of learning laparoscopic skills automatically shapes and develops correct habits connected with the cooperation between the operator and the doctor holding the camera. Quality offered by Kroton camera is comparable to cameras used in operating rooms. Our camera comes with photo capture and video recording functions. It can be connected to any display monitor or a TV with a HDMI output.