• Beads I

    Exercise involving the segregation of multi-colored beads into four containers. An initial exercise for visuo-motor coordination.

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  • Beads II

    The purpose of the exercises is to place beads on different heights. An initial exercise for visuo-motor coordination. The student learns to feel the depth and precision in using laparoscopic instruments.

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  • Cord

    Exercise consisting in pulling the string through the eyes at different heights and at different angles. The straps on the string are an additional difficulty requiring the engagement of both hands. The numbers suggest to the practitioner the order of the exercise.

    Exercise to improve the coordination and cooperation of both hands. The stools with threaded eyelets were arranged in such a way that the learner would practice using laparoscopic instruments at different angles. The distribution of the eyelets was designed under the substantive supervision of the didactic surgeons.

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