Laparoscopic Clipping practice tubes
Laparoscopic trainer Clipping practice tubes
Anastomosis practising Clipping practice tubes laparoscopic trainer
Anastomosis practising
  • Laparoscopic Clipping practice tubes
  • Laparoscopic trainer Clipping practice tubes
  • Anastomosis practising Clipping practice tubes laparoscopic trainer
  • Anastomosis practising

Clipping practice tubes (LAP027)


Model allowing to practise the skill of clipping and cutting through blood vessels. Inserts of different thickness have been used, which allows for training with different sizes of clips. The inserts are fixed at many angles and the Kroton trainer has multiple holes. This allows for training the procedure from different positions. The inserts can be fixed between different handles. The grooves in these handles are made at different heights, allowing for fixing inserts also at an angle.

124x124x50 mm
Plastic and silicone

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  • KROTON EXPERT bis Laparoscopic Trainer (TRA002b)

    Product description:
    Kroton Expert laparoscopic trainer is a device designed for perfecting laparoscopic skills, intended for surgeons, gynaecologists and urologists as part of their professional training. The set includes the trainer set in a foldable table, a screen on a rack with blockable wheels, an external training camera with a fixing handle, and relevant software.
    The trainer mirrors the anatomical shape of the human abdomen subjected to insufflation. 23 ports used for inserting laparoscopic tools are located in a manner corresponding to their location during laparoscopic procedures. This allows to assume correct posture while training and to arrange one’s wrists correctly while holding tools.

  • Suture Pad (LAP017)

    The Suture Pad with 3-dimensional protruding features is ideal for practicing basic suturing techniques. Our pads can be used repeatedly.

  • Anastomosis (LAP009)

    We offer the only tool on the market for practicing anastomosis. The exercise consists of sewing and pulling together the loose ends of two separated tubes. The challenge is to complete the exercise around the circumference of the tubes. The tubes are made of material that accurately imitates human tissue and allows for repeated exercise.

  • Laparoscopic training camera (CAM001)

    Kroton laparoscopic instructional camera has been developed for the professional practice of laparoscopic skills. Using Kroton camera at the very stage of learning laparoscopic skills automatically shapes and develops correct habits connected with the cooperation between the operator and the doctor holding the camera. Quality offered by Kroton camera is comparable to cameras used in operating rooms. Our camera comes with photo capture and video recording functions. It can be connected to any display monitor or a TV with a HDMI output.

  • Gynecological Trainer (GIN001)

    Our hysteroscopic and laparoscopic trainer facilitates initial learning of practical skills related to laparoscopic and hysteroscopic technique.

  • Anastomosis after radical prostatectomy (URO001)

    Our preparation, developed in close collaboration with practicing urologists, helps to teach how to complete the laparoscopic fusion procedure after radical prostatectomy.

    Creating tight fusion of the urinary bladder and urethra is described in the specialist literature  as one of the three most difficult steps during the entire procedure. Kroton training module – made of the highest-quality polymer material, and reinforced with the embedded net – allows for multiple practice, and at the same time reduces wear and tear of the training module.

    Replaceable suturing inserts (bladder, urethra) are reusable. Their useful life depends on the manner of use. The training module copies the anatomy of the pelvis minor. Fits KROTON laparoscopic trainers.

  • Episiotomy Suturing Simulator (SUR010)

    The simulator has been designed in order to allow practice of perineal suturing following incision during the episiotomy procedure. The tissue-like, special soft synthetic material used has made it possible to simulate human tissue anatomy (touch, structure, imitating resistance) in a very life-like manner. Its resilience guarantees repeated suturing without loss of key physical properties. As the simulator is fixed by means of suckers, sliding on smooth surfaces during training is effectively prevented.

  • Suturing practice disc (LAP031)

    Model intended for practice of advanced surgical suturing techniques. Its rounded shape allows to train putting in sutures at any angle. Different forms and depths of the incisions allow for many suturing options to be used, while marking by means of letters aids in defining the practice spot in an exact manner.
    Suggested puncture spots have been marked on the top surface by means of round dents. This allows the person undergoing training to keep equal distances between subsequent punctures and the edge of the incision, helping to learn correct habits.  The disc is also fully rotatable around its centre. The model is fit to be used repeatedly – once the sutures put in are removed, a new training session can be launched.