The aim of this exercise is to place multicolored rubber bands included in the kit on small pegs. This is an entry-level exercise that helps to train eye-hand coordination and skillful use of instruments.

It requires a trainee to be precise and intuitive. Provides training on several key skills for laparoscopic operators; this includes weaving through obstacles, passing the rubbers with tools, sliding through, stretching, movement practice, setting a tool at different angles, dealing with tension produced by tight rubber bands. The model’s layout ensures diversity of combinations, and multitude of training options.

124x124x54 mm

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  • Needle threading (LAP003)

    The needle threading consists of passing the string through the loops at different angles and heights. The small knots on the string create additional challenge, requiring the use both hands. The numbers on the pegboard suggest the order in which the string is to be passed through the loops. This exercise helps improve the coordination of both hands. The arrangement of pegs requires maneuvering laparoscopic instruments at different angles. The placement and angling of the loops was consulted and supervised by practicing surgeons.

  • Numbers (LAP004)

    The Numbers exercise consists of arranging numbered color blocks in the correct order. Each block has a gripping peg. The blocks need to be rotated in order to be properly placed, which requires the involvement of both hands. This exercise help improving the coordination of both hands.

  • Suture Pad (LAP017)

    The Suture Pad with 3-dimensional protruding features is ideal for practicing basic suturing techniques. Our pads can be used repeatedly.

  • Myomectomy-lodge (LAP011)

    Unique product imitating the post-myomectomy lodge after the enucleation of a uterine fibroid. The aim of the exercise is to supply the lodge so that the inner dark red color is not visible. An advanced exercise that develops practical laparoscopic skills. An additional advantage of the preparation is mounting on a movable handle allowing for any positioning of the lodge during the exercise. The preparation is made in technology allowing multiple exercises.

  • Anastomosis (LAP009)

    We offer the only tool on the market for practicing anastomosis. The exercise consists of sewing and pulling together the loose ends of two separated tubes. The challenge is to complete the exercise around the circumference of the tubes. The tubes are made of material that accurately imitates human tissue and allows for repeated exercise.