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  • Kroton Broncho Bronchoscopy Trainer (END003)

    KROTON BRONCHO, a training phantom device for bronchoscopy, has been produced to offer added training value for both young doctors and experienced medical practitioners. We have accurately reproduced the shape of the respiratory system. The innovative module structure allows for the development of interesting training scenarios and performing specific medical procedures. Materials used to make the respiratory system model were selected to precisely mirror human anatomy. They were mainly made of carefully selected silicone materials to ensure that the training will be as realistic as actual procedures. Colours of the components ensure realistic colour reproduction during training. The simulator allows to practice both on a healthy and pathological anatomy. Practicing with KROTON BRONCHO improves Your skills, which directly translates into less pain and trauma for patients. If a doctor initially trains on our simulator, it gives them the confidence and skills necessary to complete the real-life procedure faster and more efficiently. Looking at people who practice on our trainers can help us safely assess the level of their skills.