Gynecological Trainer (GIN001)

Our hysteroscopic and laparoscopic trainer facilitates initial learning of practical skills related to laparoscopic and hysteroscopic technique.

The set includes several cervixes with anatomical changes and one cervix with the correct anatomy. Hysteroscopic womb comes with ports for the connection of plugs or polyps. Endometrial polyps can be attached in any configuration in the hysteroscopic womb.

The trainer is shaped like a female torso of realistic size. Abdomen shape imitates the shape created after insufflation. Three ports are placed in the artificial abdomen to accommodate trocars. Deployment of the ports copies the deployment of trocars during the surgery.

Laparoscopic womb
Ports placed in the womb allow for the attachment of anatomical alterations or plugs in any desired configuration. Cysts can be also attached to the laparoscopic womb. Uterine myomas and endometriosis lesions can be freely mounted in the uterine ports.


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  • KROTON EXPERT bis Laparoscopic Trainer (TRA002b)

    Product description:
    Kroton Expert laparoscopic trainer is a device designed for perfecting laparoscopic skills, intended for surgeons, gynaecologists and urologists as part of their professional training. The set includes the trainer set in a foldable table, a screen on a rack with blockable wheels, an external training camera with a fixing handle, and relevant software.
    The trainer mirrors the anatomical shape of the human abdomen subjected to insufflation. 23 ports used for inserting laparoscopic tools are located in a manner corresponding to their location during laparoscopic procedures. This allows to assume correct posture while training and to arrange one’s wrists correctly while holding tools.

  • Myomectomy-lodge (LAP011)

    Unique product imitating the post-myomectomy lodge after the enucleation of a uterine fibroid. The aim of the exercise is to supply the lodge so that the inner dark red color is not visible. An advanced exercise that develops practical laparoscopic skills. An additional advantage of the preparation is mounting on a movable handle allowing for any positioning of the lodge during the exercise. The preparation is made in technology allowing multiple exercises.

  • Pectopexy and colpopexy (GIN002)

    In cooperation with gynecologists, we have developed a preparation for learning to perform laparoscopic pectopexy and colpopexy. This training module helps to teach laparoscopic surgery of supporting the cervix or vagina. The module has been developed for classical pectopexy and colpopexy procedure, where the mesh is being sutured to the sacrum, and for Dr. Noé's method. The middle replaceable pad is used for classical procedure, while two side pads are employed in Dr. Noé's technique. It is also possible to use actual surgical meshes (made of polypropylene).

    Training module developed in collaboration with and under the specialist supervision of Jacek Kociszewski, M.D,Ph.D; Thomas Fink, M.D.; and Günter Noe, M.D.

  • Anastomosis after radical prostatectomy (URO001)

    Our preparation, developed in close collaboration with practicing urologists, helps to teach how to complete the laparoscopic fusion procedure after radical prostatectomy.

    Creating tight fusion of the urinary bladder and urethra is described in the specialist literature  as one of the three most difficult steps during the entire procedure. Kroton training module – made of the highest-quality polymer material, and reinforced with the embedded net – allows for multiple practice, and at the same time reduces wear and tear of the training module.

    Replaceable suturing inserts (bladder, urethra) are reusable. Their useful life depends on the manner of use. The training module copies the anatomy of the pelvis minor. Fits KROTON laparoscopic trainers.

  • Episiotomy Suturing Simulator (SUR010)

    The simulator has been designed in order to allow practice of perineal suturing following incision during the episiotomy procedure. The tissue-like, special soft synthetic material used has made it possible to simulate human tissue anatomy (touch, structure, imitating resistance) in a very life-like manner. Its resilience guarantees repeated suturing without loss of key physical properties. As the simulator is fixed by means of suckers, sliding on smooth surfaces during training is effectively prevented.