Laparoscopic trainer
Laparoscopic training
Advanced laparoscopic trainer
Advanced laparoscopic simulator
  • Laparoscopic trainer
  • Laparoscopic training
  • Advanced laparoscopic trainer
  • Advanced laparoscopic simulator

Expert Laparoscopic Trainer (TRA002)

Kroton Expert is an advanced laparoscopic trainer designed to teach laparoscopic skills during professional laparoscopic courses.

Component Elements of the Trainer:

    • Body shaped to mirror operating conditions, equipped with 15 ports.*
    • Workstation with the display holder, table and drawer for training modules.
    • External instructional Full HD camera (1920x1080 pixels).
    • 17 task inserts.
    • Stand for an organic training module.
    • Internal LED lighting.
    • Diverse software functions: network operation, time measurement, saving a recorded training session, viewing images sent from a trainer linked to the LAN network.

* Aside for standard deployment of tooling ports, we can add sockets according to any specification requested by the client. Additional ports allow for practicing diverse laparoscopic procedures.

172x61x80 cm
Delivery time
6 weeks


Kroton Expert

Download (283.31k)

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