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Cholecystektomia - wkład wymienny (LAP038)



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  • KROTON EXPERT bis Laparoscopic Trainer (TRA002b)

    Product description:
    Kroton Expert laparoscopic trainer is a device designed for perfecting laparoscopic skills, intended for surgeons, gynaecologists and urologists as part of their professional training. The set includes the trainer set in a foldable table, a screen on a rack with blockable wheels, an external training camera with a fixing handle, and relevant software.
    The trainer mirrors the anatomical shape of the human abdomen subjected to insufflation. 23 ports used for inserting laparoscopic tools are located in a manner corresponding to their location during laparoscopic procedures. This allows to assume correct posture while training and to arrange one’s wrists correctly while holding tools.

  • Suture Pad (LAP017)

    The Suture Pad with 3-dimensional protruding features is ideal for practicing basic suturing techniques. Our pads can be used repeatedly.

  • Laparoscopic training camera (CAM001)

    Kroton laparoscopic instructional camera has been developed for the professional practice of laparoscopic skills. Using Kroton camera at the very stage of learning laparoscopic skills automatically shapes and develops correct habits connected with the cooperation between the operator and the doctor holding the camera. Quality offered by Kroton camera is comparable to cameras used in operating rooms. Our camera comes with photo capture and video recording functions. It can be connected to any display monitor or a TV with a HDMI output.

  • Kidney – training model for partial nephrectomy procedure (LAP033)

    Life-size model of the right kidney allowing to practice the partial nephrectomy procedure. Five tumours have been placed inside the model, made of a material simulating actual neoplasm structure. They are harder and yellow with 10, 12, 18, 20 and 25 mm in diameter. Four of those have been designed as the exophytic type and one is endophytic. Additionally, the model includes fragments of the inferior vena cava, descending aorta and the urinary tract. A renal capsule has been provided to surround the model. The following have also been marked inside: renal pelvis as well as the major and minor renal calyx.

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  • Appendectomy – appendix (LAP035)

    Model intended for practising the procedure of laparoscopic removal of the appendix (appendectomy). It provides for the opportunity to conduct it with the use of Hem-o-lok polymer clips and a linear stapler as well as the Endoloop and Roeder loop. It consists of a rigid holder, mirroring a fragment of the caecum, and a single-use insert, simulating the appendix being removed. The insert is replaceable and a single training set includes three inserts.

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  • Cholecystectomy (LAP037)

    Model intended for practising the laparoscopic cholecystectomy procedure (removal of the gallbladder by means of the laparoscopic method). It includes a life-size model of the liver (made of elastic material, imitating the real human organ) and the gallbladder. The fixing applied allows to practise lifting the liver lobe in order to obtain easier access to the gallbladder. The liver has been fixed to the holder inserted into the training model.

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