Special Projects

We create individually customized, brand new training modules, moulages and didactic models for the medical industry, and to facilitate postgraduate training for specialist doctors. Our products are designed, and printed in 3D technology. We manufacture them using premium-class polyester materials and other types of resources; as needed and if possible, we reinforce our products with a  special system of embedded  meshes.

During our direct cooperation, the project is being perfected, which usually takes 2 or 3 steps, and later tested by the ordering party. Only after the final approval is given, does the manufacturing process begin.

Examples of Kroton’s completed special projects


Model do laryngektomii całkowitej
Pektopeksja i kolpopeksj
Model wątroby zachowuje kluczowe dla prezentacji hemostatyków uszczelniających (materiały indukujące hemostazę, opatrunki z kolagenu) właściwości fizyczno - chemiczne.