Episiotomy Suturing Simulator (SUR010)

Episiotomy Suturing Simulator (SUR010)


The simulator has been designed in order to allow practice of perineal suturing following incision during the episiotomy procedure. The tissue-like, special soft synthetic material used has made it possible to simulate human tissue anatomy (touch, structure, imitating resistance) in a very life-like manner. Its resilience guarantees repeated suturing without loss of key physical properties. As the simulator is fixed by means of suckers, sliding on smooth surfaces during training is effectively prevented.

Basic properties:

  • realistic imitation of human tissues and anatomic details, i.e. skin of the perineum, mucous membranes and the layers that need to be stitched up along with hymen residual tissue, clitoris as well as an anatomically wide and deep vagina. The open rectum allows for palpation examination of tissue continuity;
  • repeated suturing of the original incision, thanks to the innovative flexi web plus technology;
  •  the simulator mirrors the tensions in the stitches being put in
  • easy cleaning – the surface is easily washable with water and delicate detergent;

Skills being practiced:

  • Putting in surface sutures;
  • Putting in deep sutures;
  • Putting in interrupted sutures;
  • Removing sutures;
  • Tying knots;
  • Using the equipment

Silicone, strengthening mesh
Training insert's weight
Weight of the insert with the handle
Dimensions of the handle with suction pads and with the training module attached
154x230x160 mm
Set includes
the perineum model to be stitched, handle

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    Training module developed in collaboration with and under the specialist supervision of Jacek Kociszewski, M.D,Ph.D; Thomas Fink, M.D.; and Günter Noe, M.D.