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Basic Laparoscopic Trainer

Kroton Basic simulator facilitates learning of basic laparoscopic skills.

Trainer Component Elements:

    • Body shaped to mirror operating conditions, equipped with 15 ports*.
    • Internal instructional Full HD camera (1920x1080 pixels).
    • 8 task inserts.
    • Stand for a training module.
    • Internal LED lighting.
    • Software allowing to measure time, save a recorded training, view images from the trainer connected to LAN network.

* Aside for standard deployment of tooling ports, we can add sockets according to any specification requested by the client. Additional ports allow for practicing diverse laparoscopic procedures.

42x43x26,5 cm
Delivery time
10 days


Kroton Basic

Download (252.43k)

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    The purpose of the exercise is to place beads on pegs of different heights. This is an entry-level exercise for developing visuo-motor coordination, depth perception and precision using laparoscopic instruments.

  • The Pipe Cleaner

    The Pipe Cleaner exercise consists of passing the pipe cleaner through the loops at different angles and heights. The small knots on the string create additional challenge, requiring the use both hands. The numbers on the pegboard suggest the order in which the string is to be passed through the loops. This exercise helps improve the coordination of both hands. The arrangement of pegs requires maneuvering laparoscopic instruments at different angles. The placement and angling of the loops was consulted and supervised by practicing surgeons.

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