The following training modules are dedicated to doctors begining training in laparoscopic techniques.


Exercise involving the segregation of multicolored beads into four containers. Exercises aimed at familiarizing with the way of holding the tools, the specificity of work with the video track and the use of grasper.

Beads II

The principle of the exercise is the exact placement of beads from the container on the pins of different heights. The exercise aims at correct positioning of the tool tip in space.


The purpose of the exercise is to pull the drawstring through the narrow eyes. Existing knots an additional difficulty. Exercise requires the coordination of two hands.


Exercise consisting of arranging colored cubes with numbers. Exercise perfecting the coordination of two hands.


A logic exercise which purpose is to correctly arrange the blocks in the only right way. Advanced exercise coordinating the work of two hands.

Tower of Hanoi

Tower of Hanoi is logical exercise coordinating the work of both hands or developing the ability to cooperate with two surgeons.