Bronchoscopy trainer (bronchoscopic phantom) Kroton is a completely new, originally developed device for learning bronchoscopy. Phantom accurately reproduces the structure of trachea and bronchi. The bronchoscope simulator allows learning the basics of bronchoscopy, learning how to move in the airways and performing basic biopsies (needle, forceps). Proprietary solutions allow for quick change of airway anatomy, which allows for quick change of the scenario and significantly improves the learning curve.

Structure of the trainer

The internal structure of the bronchi trainer is a faithful representation of the structure of human bronchi.

Endobronchial forceps biopsy

The simulator enables learning to perform a forceps biopsy of endobronchial lesions (tumors, bronchial polyps). Imitations of endobronchial changes are made of materials that allow to achieve high fidelity with the actual procedure, they are easily replaced with new ones.

Bronchial biopsy

Kroton bronchoscopy trainer allows to learn the technique of performing a bronchial biopsy of lymph nodes.

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