Laparoscopic training program

We created training modules for comprehensive training of surgeons. Starting from the basic skills related to visuo-motor coordination, ending with complicated procedures on artificial organs.

Endoscopic trainers

Our endoscopic trainers are the only ones on the market faithfully imitating the internal structure of human organs.

Trainer rental

Do you need a trainer for laparoscopic training or trade fairs? Borrow one of our trainers from us.

Laparoscopic camera

The laparoscopic training camera developed by us is the only available HD camera on the market. The excellent image quality is comparable to a laparoscope.

Kroton – laparoscopic and endoscopic trainers

Kroton means trainers, training modules and a laparoscopic camera creating a comprehensive training solution for surgeons.

Kroton are laparoscopic trainers and training modules developed under the substantive supervision of surgeons. Training modules are rated as the best on the market due to the most accurate representation of the structure of human tissues.