Basic laparoscopic trainer was created for the initial laparoscopic training during which surgeons make their first steps in laparoscopic techniques and the emphasis is mainly on developing visual-motor coordination and proper use of laparoscopic instruments.

Basic laparoscopic trainer can be used for comprehensive training of surgeons, starting from the simplest exercises related to the exercise of motor-visual coordination, through sewing, ending with more advanced procedures such as the intestinal anastomosis.

Basic laparoscopic trainer

Universal laparoscopic trainer that allows students to learn the basics of laparoscopic technique. Inside the simulator can be placed any training module.
Trainer allows to measure the time devoted to the exercise.

Training modules

The basic preparations have been selected to create a coherent training sequence. The elements used for exercise are colored, and the exercises themselves are based on logic games.

Laparoscopic camera

The laparoscopic camera with 1920×1080 HD resolution allows observation of the operating field and the learning of cooperation between the operating surgeon and the camera operator.

Training software

Trainer has an option to view on his screen the image of a couple of trainers and with the help of the mouse, indicate on the screen of the student errors or subsequent stages of the procedure.

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